Physicians Directory

The physicians and staff at Mackinaw Surgery Center are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated to providing best-in-class care to the communities they call home. For every patient who walks through our doors, they aim to provide compassionate care, quality outcomes and overall satisfaction, knowing that this will make us the provider of choice for patients, physicians and employees alike.


  • Craig Bohnhoff, MD
  • Randell Bowsman, DO
  • Kevin Bur, MD
  • Philip Biland, CRNA
  • Nicholas Crofut, CRNA
  • Bob Gibson, CRNA
  • Joni Hayes, CRNA
  • Susan Hutter, CRNA
  • Keith Lawerence, CRNA
  • Karen McCarthy, CRNA
  • Tamara Schwarz, CRNA
  • Jeffery Sinkovich, CRNA

Breast Diagnostics/Surgery

  • Sussan Bays, MD
  • Carlotta Maresca, MD


  • Erika Dagayner, DO
  • Andrew Lafleur, MD
  • Mark Pankonin, MD
  • Sreen Mannam, MD
  • Harprabhjit Singh, MD
  • Peter Walsh, DO

Colorectal Surgery

  • Wael Solh, MD


  • Robert Borenitsch, DO
  • Narendra Kumar, MD
  • Brian Perry, MD
  • Keith Scharf, MD

General Surgery

  • Thomas Diven, MD
  • Maher Ghanem, MD
  • Timothy Hackett, MD
  • Samer Kais, MD
  • Sujal Patel, MD
  • Todd Richardson, MD
  • Samuel Shaheen, MD
  • Vasanth Stalin, MD
  • Kimiko Sugimoto, MD
  • Yong Yoon, MD


  • Steven Fettinger, MD
  • Duane Heilbronn, MD
  • Thomas Minnec, MD
  • Christopher Orvavitz, MD
  • Deborah Russell, MD
  • Jennifer Schmidt, DO
  • Kristine Spence, DO
  • Andrew Wagner, MD


  • Mark Adams, MD


  • Usha Bulusu, MD
  • Eric Collier, DO
  • Greg Hazen, MD
  • Miriam Schteingart, MD


  • Thomas Hyde, DMD


  • Bryon Chamberlain, MD
  • Terrence Cherwin, MD
  • Anthony de Bari, MD
  • Danielle Duncan, MD
  • Colleen Linehan, MD
  • Kurt Menapace, MD
  • Michael Tucker, DO
  • James Weir, MD

Plastic Surgery

  • Ronald Barry, MD
  • Thomas Beird, MD
  • Mark Komorowski, MD
  • Anthony Zacharek, MD


  • Andrew Cohen, DPM
  • Derek Tesoro, DPM
  • William Vondette, DPM